COGA MIG Outstanding Achievement Awards

The Cultures of Gender and Age (COGA) MIG Outstanding Achievement Award annually recognizes COGA MIG members within each of our three subgroups (Thirty and Under, Men and Fifty Plus).  The recipients of this award have within the past year made an outstanding contribution through an endeavor or activity in which the profession itself, public, or allied health professions were impacted.  Each subgroup award recipient will receive an engraved gift, an official congratulatory letter from the COGA MIG Chair, complimentary COGA membership for the following year, recognition at the COGA FNCE® reception, and a feature in the COGA newsletter, website, and social media platforms.

  • The applicant must be a current member in good standing with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and must be a COGA MIG member at the time the contribution was made, and at the time of the application submission and presentation of the award. 
  • The contribution took place within the past 12 months of the application deadline. 
  • Applicants may only apply in one subgroup category. 
  • All applicants must include a minimum of one but no more than five letters of recommendation that describe the applicant’s contribution and the impact it has provided. 
  • All applicants must complete the award application and provide a resume or curriculum vitae. (If selected, awardee will be asked to also provide a brief bio/headshot photo to be used in promotions.) 
  • Previous COGA MIG Outstanding Achievement Award recipients in any subgroup are ineligible to apply again. 
  • Members serving on the COGA MIG Nominating/Awards Committee or Executive Committee at the time of submission are ineligible to apply.

Application and Supporting Documentation due by January 15, 2023 11:59pm (CT).
  Applicants will be notified of awardee(s) selection by March 17, 2023.